USB Safeguard


Password protect data on your removable pen drive


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USB Pen drives are more and more popular and day by day they can store more and more data. That's good, but sometimes that data is not as safe as we would like it to be.

USB Safeguard is a program that can password protect the information on your USB Pen Drive. It can encrypt the information on using AES 256 bits encryption. That means data can be only accessed by people who know the password.

By this way, we can be sure our data is safe even if we loose the pen drive.

The interface of the program is simple but very effective. You'll need a password if you want to access your pen drive, so your data will be safer than ever.

Finally, not only does it encrypt your files, but it also features a 'Safe Internet Browsing' which removes all Internet traces like URL history, typed URLs, passwords, etc.
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